The Buyer’s Checklist

Understanding what buyers are looking for in a property is key to getting your sold as quickly as possible. After all not every potential buyer is looking to develop property, many wish for it to be fully ready to move into and don’t wish to have to spend money redecorating or making it their own. They want the perfect home that is ready to move into.

So if you’re planning on selling your home any time soon, here are a few pointers on what to get right to ensure your property flies off the shelf in no time.

Check for damp. No new buyer can be bothered fixing any potential damp problem so it is essential that you get any damp problem sorted as soon as possible. Tell-tale signs include mouldy smell, flaky plaster and water marked wall and ceilings.

Is the building structurally sound? Check for signs of subsidence especially around areas where extensions join and the corners of buildings. If there has been any ensure you get the building’s structure checked by a professional. No new buyer will want to take on a home that is sinking into the earth so it is important that you get the foundations checked.

Location is a huge part of what you should be looking for and while you can make some sacrifices, moving to your dream home in the wrong location is a big mistake.

You might be looking at a particular area but if you find a great property elsewhere look at how the difference in location will affect you. Are the transport links good, what are the roads like, can you put up with the journeys and commutes you will need to make?

Certain cities and towns have great access to each other. For example the cosmetic surgery specialists Snowberry Lane are located in the small town of Melksham however people looking for mole removal treatments near bath will find Melksham easily accessible. The same can be said for Bath and Bristol and goes to show that whether it is a business or home, the location is important but can have that bit of flexibility if it is easy to get to.

How is the home’s boiler and heating system? Heating and hot water are pretty much essential for a place to be considered habitable so ensure the heating system is not likely to break any time soon. The same can be said for the widows and the roof, if they are not structurally sound then they will not prevent water from entering the building therefore will render it uninhabitable.

Does the air conditioning work? In hot countries air conditioning and cooling is perhaps more important to making a building habitable than heating. If the air conditioning is broken then the house will become an oven in summer time so ensure you use a commercial refrigeration and air conditioning specialist to make sure it’s not likely to go on the blink any time soon.

Will you be able to move your possessions effectively into the property? When people view a new house or flat, they often don’t realise that they won’t be able to afford the removal fee to move their furniture and other items of value. Ablemove Wotton’s is a removals company who are based in Bristol, although the ground that they cover for a family run company is exceptional- except from their hard work and dedication, their loose attitude towards tasks and inquiries is very useful. They’ll help you move to Germany if you want. The guys at Ablemove helped me in my bristol to liverpool removal job, and mentioning their helpfulness and over the requirement help is worth me giving them a little cheap plug right now.

One thing which is very important to think about is the properties security and safety warnings. In most cases you’ll find that even though the property you have been viewing is in great condition and looks the part, it’ll not have the recommended amount of security to protect your asset present in the building. You can enquire about the fire and safety of a building by contacting experts in the field Gerco-Fas.