Selling Points For Your Home

First off settle on a budget, once your finances are secured draw up a short list of houses for sale – like the apprentice this will be your final few candidates. Once this is done then it’s time to start the viewings. Remember and keep a level head throughout this process as it is easy to get carried away on a wave of excitement when viewing potential new homes. Granted viewing potential new homes can be a bit emotional, however if you don’t have a plan in place and a list of priorities to get straight then you’re headed for a disaster. Reputable estate agents should have already asked the questions you need to know, but do go in with an idea of what is important to you.

It seems obvious but many people seem to forgo doing proper thorough property research. Get as much information as possible, even on things that aren’t necessarily important to you – they could prove important later. Estate agents will provide as much information as they can however remember that they’re aiming to sell the property and less trusted agents may be inclined to withhold certain truths. Look at house prices in the local area, local crime stats and schools etc. A list of ‘must-haves’ for the house you want e.g. number of bedrooms, bathrooms, garage, public transport links, price etc.

Make sure you have a proper look at the external building. Most people are so preoccupied about what is inside a property they often overlook the state of the structure itself. Check to see there are no broken or missing roof tiles, are any of the gutters leaking, are all the window and door fittings secure and weather tight, what is the condition of the walls and facers, how much insulation is in the loft and walls etc.

When looking inside the property try to look past the actual décor of the rooms and focus on the actual condition of the rooms – after all a lick of paint is no real issue to fix, but a crack in the ceiling plaster could indicate that the ceiling boards are loose or crumbling which is a far more expensive issue. Check to see if there is a new boiler in place and is it serviceable, is there a modern fuse box, are the taps and plumbing in good repair, is there any signs of dampness or cracks on the walls etc.

You should also ask about the surrounding area and do a bit of homework yourself to ensure you get a fair idea of things like the local schooling and healthcare. It goes without saying that you will be paying a premium for the best locations. Just look at the prices you would pay to stay in London but you would have everything on your doorstep including health specialists that are world renowned such as the The LOC private cancer care specialists who have some of the best cancer care doctors at their disposal including consultant Dr Paul Ross.

London has proved its property value is worth it over the years by being the UK’s biggest, most highly populated and most visited city. Your current location might not be London but put a bit of time into finding out the positives from your local area. Schools, transport links, sports facilities and local amenities are all big plus points to think about.

Try not to focus on any one particular aspect whether it is the surrounding area or the house itself as you can then become quite blinkered in your overall view. Taking a step back and taking on board all the information you gather is the most important aspect of viewing a home.

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One of the top priorities when looking to sell your house is making sure that your pipes, electricity and heating works. You shouldn’t buy a winter jumper if it didn’t keep you warm would you? Many times when looking to sell a property, you’ll find home owners fixating on aesthetic matters, putting it to the front of the to-do list. Although this is the opposite way that it should be, because, more than likely, the new owners will be re-decorating the house anyway.

Although we realise that acquiring a plumber in to take the reigns of the practically of the house isn’t always great for your budget. Although, prices for plumbers aren’t actually that bad. You’ll find that in most cases that its the part replacement which will require the most money. We suggest doing this part yourself before hiring the plumber. Shop online, where you’ll find steel tubes in multiple sizes, and for almost half the price that you’ll be using, instead of allowing your plumber to gain your pneumatic parts.

Visiting a website like Airlines Pneumatics could possibly be your ticket to avoiding paying over the mark with a plumber. So here at Sell Your Property Faster, if you are looking to buy simple products to fix any of your household equipment, from vaccums, toilets, pipes or anything else technical, go to galvanised steel tube airlines to get the parts that you require. Then hire a plumber to apply the repairs or system changes.