Energy Efficiency and Resale Value

How energy efficient a home is can often be a good indication of how much is re-sale value can go up and is an especially important piece of information for property developers. In fact so important has this information become that now every home that is put on the market either to let or for sale must be accompanied with an energy performance certificate.

The certificate itself is very simple and gives a property a ranking from A-G (A being the best and G being the worst) according to how energy efficient it is over all. It also provides a ranking on how efficient the home could be if certain steps were taken to make it more energy efficient.

However there are lots of simple ways you can help make your home more energy efficient and therefore increase its resale value.

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  1. Have your boiler inspected by a professional; if you find that either the whole thing or certain element of your central heating and hot water system could do with an upgrade then it might be worth biting the bullet and getting the work done. Old boilers are far less efficient than their newer counter parts and can cost you money both on heating bills but also in re-sale value. We would always recommend using official boiler spares as replacements to your system or the appropriate pnuematics equipment for your heating system. Finding a company that can supply various boiler parts at a good price is invaluable whether you are looking for a brand new boiler. We would highly recommend Airlines Pneumatics if you are looking to take advantage of these type of purchases, where with tools such as the airlines double ear o clip you can improve tubing to make your system work better, without buying a new machineBrick Wall, Background, Brick, Wallpaper, Abstract
  2. If you live in a relatively modern building with double brick cavities then check to see if it has been cavity wall and loft insulated. As part of a nationwide grant scheme all local authorities are offering home owner’s grants to insulate their homes and make them more energy efficient. Many authorities provide this service for a fraction of the normal price and many provide it for free so make some enquiries and find out what you could be entitled to. If you’re lucky enough to live in Hertfordshire, you might want to get in touch with local authorities to see if you can get remits on work like this.Glass, Trees, Window
  3. Is you double glazing sealed correctly? This is something which many people over look but which costs us a surprising amount of energy each year. If your seals are broken then look into getting them sorted, or if you don’t have double glazing again it might be worth contacting your local authority to see if you are entitled to any assistance to help replace them.Pipeline, Gate Valve, Flowmeter, Water Meter, Valve
  4. It is also worth installing thermostatic valves to your radiators and a timer to you boiler system. This gives you greater control over your heating by allowing you to control what time the heating comes on throughout the day so that you are not heating an empty house, and also lets you decide which radiators to come on so that you are not needlessly heating empty rooms. For more tips on heating and how to get your plumbing up to scratch visit Plumber Parts, who provide help and advice for plumbing related problems.Light Bulb, Light, Halogen, Bulb, Lamp, Electric
  5. Ensure your home is efficiently heated. Making sure you have the correct size and style of radiators in place can actually make a big difference when it comes to energy bills and heating costs. You can find out more at and make sure that your home has the best and most suitable heating options in place.
  6. Lastly get your hands on some energy efficient light bulbs. Many energy companies give these away as promotional offers so get in touch with your energy provider to see what they can do for you.